Jingdong confusion do retail or do the nternet

text / Bian Haifeng

Jingdong has changed from a traditional retail enterprise logistics is becoming the Internet information service enterprise, from WAL-MART gene into Ali gene, or the Jingdong in these years has formed its own unique Jingdong gene.

before the Jingdong to the industry perception is a sellers retail enterprise, and may East (Jingdong CEO Liu Qiangdong) before the traditional retail business on IT. Even if the Jingdong will store from the line moved online, but in reality also flowed the traditional retail gene. The traditional retail enterprises, dry are moving boxes, the upcoming production of goods shipped to the hands of the buyer, which is earned is the size, turnover rate, marginal benefits and other aspects of hard-earned money.

but now the Jingdong has changed into a network of Internet companies. From the POP (open platform) to the Jingdong business class (class WebUnion DSP products to JDphone), plan (custom), all in reference to Ali’s Internet play plagiarism, no matter how Jingdong is changed. After the change point is called the best platform, said bluntly point is the intermediary, bluntly that "pimp", mainly by reselling traffic revenues, and the traditional Internet Co play exactly the same.

POP to the left, the right

and Ali pure information services are not the same, in terms of platform strategy Jingdong both play the referee, but also plays the players.

in the absence of his case, POP (open platform) and the mining business is a conflict. For those who have purchased Jingdong category, brand, POP business seems to be a little to accompany his son to read. Just think, in the price gap is not large, the user experience is not the case, the user has any reason to choose POP merchants?

Jingdong: do retail, or do Internet

before, another brother (Zhang Jindong) in Silicon Valley, Suning will talk about the internet.

a little earlier, Suning also participated in the investment of such a pure PPTV Internet companies. Imagine even Suning such traditional retail enterprises have realized the retail to the Internet, you said to me (Liu Qiangdong) will not think of

?In fact,

brother (Liu Qiangdong) has long been aware of this point. As a result, POP joined the Jingdong, business class, JDphone Internet product layout in the main traditional retail Jingdong, especially POP and Jingdong business class, these two products seem to Jingdong to build a "free" ecological flow, can be recommended to the user in their procurement related products through this form Jingdong ecological products, and this part is the Jingdong’s own income completely. Not only that, but also to Jingdong POP merchants into.

looks at the peak of the auction is the traditional retail sales, the benefits of profit space is controllable, but also high operating risks. And POP, JDphone, and so is the

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