Some suggestions on e mail marketing

here we will introduce the right way to use email marketing. There is only one "right" way to email marketing: send email to potential customers who first contact you. They don’t complain about receiving valuable information.

as an example of Global trade network. Global trade network is a comprehensive B2B e-commerce platform. Its registered members of the most fancy is accurate matching of business information. That’s what we allow for electronic marketing:

– "last minute" tip;

– special offers, such as global trade network in September launched the "80 percent off offers, buy one get one" activities.

– exact matching information;

content is as follows:

Dear customer:

Hello! The following is the global trade network according to your needs as you find in


your key words: chemical industry

1, buy (natural polymer resin) PVC stannous chloride   high density polyethylene stock inventory;

2, EVA sheet material (rubber products)  

3, buy rubber gasket  

to become a global trading network senior members, enjoy the privilege of eight

if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact our customer service staff.


[tips] forgot the password? Click here to find out in order to ensure that you receive the normal mail, Global trade network recommends that you add this email address to the address book.

if you do not want to continue to receive such information, please reply directly to

Global trade network ( customer service Tel: 0591-83348235 83320129

– the latest news in his industry.

Here are seven tips to keep in mind:

1 get email address

only know the customer’s e-mail address, you can send e-mail to them, so the first step in the e-mail marketing is to collect potential customers e-mail address. Whether you are online or offline, you should use a significant location for your email address on your customer information registration form.

2 ASCII code using plain text format article

mail to use plain text format, using the title and subtitle, don’t use multiple fonts, try to make the e-mail is simple, easy to browse and read.

3 documents with enough margin

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