Water easy cold talk about persistence is victory

registration Admin5 is a long time ago, also often come. A period of time also published several articles. As a few months ago has been busy with the construction of new sites, so there is no talk about their own experience. The latest web site has improved, do not rely on the top of the day, and now come out and share with you a little bit of their own experience.

some time ago Baidu weight, more than happiness in the stone made articles "persevering" article, when someone says that I had time to report the latest situation in. Ha ha, now we say, in my article when the number of cnzz online at the same time is 553

may say this is not a master, is not only for the master, for me, this is just a start. This is my second station, the former station has done more than 4 months time, to the 1w7, when the summer school, afraid to delay their studies in the king of the intermediary sold. This is why I now feel better for the webmaster network, a large part of the king is enthusiastic about respect and support. An article in the stone, now chose stationmaster net is feeling under article I will not introduce any SEO Search Optimization of any practical skills, so if you want to see the rapid flow of the article then please off.

to do a presentation on their own situation, I feel that you understand in the website construction, adhere to a good understanding. The first 4 months to build nearly twenty thousand traffic station, they have their own views on the site, although the station found the original back rate above good in the flow, but can not develop into the station, I was the first station on the site, regardless of the use of technology also is website structure on the limitation of the development of the website. Coupled with the summer vacation is coming to an end, decided to sell the site. After a period of rest after school, entered the first station design. Because the last time is to do QQ station, QQ station is more familiar with. Coupled with the QQ was still on the top of the list of Baidu. So the second station or select the QQ resources.

Here I want to say

is, because the second do stand, have a website optimization experience, so QQ new E Hugo in three days after the upload is Baidu included, on the first day of the more than 1 thousand flow. At that time, the first feeling is bad, too much optimization, and indeed as expected three days after Baidu will be right, has not increased the new collection, but only a few dozen people a day. By the time the friend is to forget it, to do the new station. To tell you the truth, I have thought about it, but this is all I have in the use of the best technology. First, I do not have the heart to give up, but Baidu although the flow is very small, but the collection is not updated but did not delete the original included, it seems there is hope.

is in this I do not know should not insist on the situation of the second stations down. A month has passed, two months passed until the end of the five months, this is my Google, YAHOO keyword has been very good, a few key words

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