Learn to understand the concept of nternal Journal ten years the street wise law

everyone! Believe that the first three "learning skills to understand ten years Street Wisdom" of the world, we have to I have a Nei (a) Nei (a) impression, I is the grass-roots circle of "non famous writers" Shen Lang.

before this wonderful world, I want to first thank under one of my brother, Zhu Haitao, is also a circle of Wangzhuan writers, can also use the now popular argument is called from the media, young people, I have something more, there is no time to finish after serial extension of my article, the Zhu Haitao brothers help I have sent to the serial timely from the media column all his website, yes. I thank you again, well, of course, want to thank Wang Tong chiefs, President Jiang Hui may also in the future, the teacher, Lu Songsong quella blogger


recently a friend and I said, analyze your article very sharp, but you are also very cunning ah, you are the people who understand the worst writing. In fact, this friend is really misunderstood me, really understand the wisdom of the street to write the article is mellow, is for a purpose, you should be able to give you elegant elegant, you should be able to give you a vulgar vulgar, it depends on the author want to how to write, to whom.

now understand the very elegant, because his target audience has been biased in favor of small white-collar workers, the degree can be very high, but wisdom is not civilized, understand and write some vulgar, these people should lose, I understand that the series of articles written in very bad, as for the Internet grassroots reader said, do not understand the female readers now too much class bias petty well, do you think is not attracted to understand


broken pattern Tucson, came to take the clothes

of course, I can now assert that:

understand in 3 or 5 years will be able to find ways to curb the Internet circle of readers. The transformation of his 2015 – known article was a failure, and he was able to see that his reading was not as expected. These years he has been trying to transition to the Internet main readers outside the ring, but he did not expect that once he got to the circle, the circle of readers in his eyes, there is no difference between the V and micro-blog on the tens of thousands of articles (of course or a slight difference, literary skills far better than others, do you think…) a diary to write 10 years of worship others excitedly: how can


everyone on the network to see novels such as the starting point, how many words every day 10000+ update writers, who understand the ten years 5000+ daily diary but this is a clear memory of it, I like Shen Lang said he is a grassroots circle of "non famous writers" as the reason, in order to let the readers have a strange but this memory, and adapt your style and look after your article is one hundred and eight thousand.

understand the 15 year diary is not considered the feelings of the Internet grassroots circle of readers, to attract a group of

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