Promotion of the road free sometimes pay the price

in peacetime for our website promotion, many webmaster will choose free promotion way, this is due to our own resources. But if possible, it is recommended to use a number of ways to pay for assistance, because sometimes free is not really free, but also allows us to pay a certain cost. These costs are likely to be invisible, and today I do some of my ideas for free promotion.

free compared: whether it is free or paid promotion can not be effective immediately, the establishment of a brand need a long time, there are a lot of people conducted a survey, the general users see a brand of about seven times began to establish a sense of trust, so that your product is repeated in the user is everyone in front of the commonly used approach. If a webmaster, using free promotion methods, rely on their own ability to go write a blog post, or by SEO promotion, will also play the effect, but the process is long, there is likely to persist for several years finally know the number of the users of your site is very limited, but if combined with some paid promotion, for example advertising alliance, do marketing services, do promotion and soft, so you can see the obvious effect. In addition, such as soft Wen promotion, pay can be introduced in the portal text, this effect will be better.

free time: the high cost of doing a lot of things will take into account the cost, do the same, do not think that free promotion is really free, we think we are all promotion spent much time working hours is not the most of the time spent in the promotion but did not work, not to mention, all the time in effort to promote their own station, hope to have more traffic and users. I am also one of them, whether it is to do the flow through a quiz, or through the SEO keyword ranking, or the use of some simple soft Wen promotion, they hope to be able to let more people know my website, but found it so much now, but sometimes has a disproportionate effect. For example, the promotion of soft paper, compared with a soft feel and good quality is generally soft, really too much difference, so I funds permitting, will find someone to help me to write high quality soft Wen, or a day learning to improve their ability of soft, not like before writing a lot of low quality or even pseudo original articles published everywhere, because in the long run, they will produce different effects. While the former may take time and money, the latter is a waste of time.

free sometimes affect confidence: this view is not absolute, I just stand on their own point of view to sum up the problem. For example, we pay through the promotion, if the effect is not large, then our first reaction is that their advertising platform is not good, and will not have any impact on their ability. And if all of them are responsible for the dragon, are their own way to promote the site, then after a period of time, plus every day is the same thing to do, if there is a good

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