Promote the new strategy to establish an effective Association website

website promotion is to get more effective access, the following is a very good way to use

as a general corporate website (including online sales oriented enterprises, network) website promotion purpose is to obtain the effective traffic rather than site traffic statistics of the data, is through the web site users to access information and services, and ultimately form a purchase.

not all traffic is valuable

from the actual effect of network marketing, not all have the value of web traffic flow, obtained through improper means, such as association website pop-up ads, never related pages to get automatic redirection and so on, because these methods are often those in pursue of site visits (which can be obtained by other approaches if the investor’s investment income, network advertising, etc.), so the relevant website promotion strategy is often misunderstood. Some websites view is the basic ideas of "Association website promotion strategy is worth learning, rational use of relationship between sites as long as in the practical application, do not make false website traffic tools."

The role of

associated sites

From the

theory, a website construction company has to carry on the product propaganda and even direct online sales, why some companies to use related website strategy? Association website promotion in reality is also very common, in simple terms, is to increase the visibility of users". For example, we go to the market to buy things computer accessories, often encounter a number of counter actually belong to the same boss, such as buying a memory, probably in the same market in the sale of multiple memory counter products are similar, the price is basically the same, if careful observation will find these counters at all is an all. If the increase in the number of counters to be found and more users in order to increase sales is to take in the real market means that on the Internet, as long as there is a website that can be a lot of users visit at the same time, why also establish related sites of

?The role of

related sites, can be described in three ways:

first, increase the chance to be found in search engine search results.

Because the

in the same industry, in general a web site in the search results hold only one or a few search results, increase the number of sites to occupy more search results, such as in their promotion at the same time, also occupied the promotion machine competitors will.

second, easy to focus on the promotion of a single product.

may have more than one main product of the same company, weak correlation between these products, or the product is placed on the same website not easy to focus, the individual website for each product to carry out targeted promotion, especially suitable for the use of the search engine promotion strategy.

third, between association sites >

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