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Trump Delightfully Takes Credit for Colin Kaepernick Being UnsignedTrump Delightfully Takes Credit for Colin Kaepernick Being Unsigned

Donald Trump once again picked a fight with a celebrity by declaring the NFL won’t take Colin Kaepernick out of free agency out of fear getting a tweet from the president.At a rally in Louisville, Ky., to promote the Republican health care bill Monday, March 20, Trump went off topic by discussing an article on why Kaepernick has failed to get picked up by another NFL team after opting out of his deal with the San Francisco 49ers.“Your San Francisco quarterback, I’m sure nobody ever heard of him,” Trump said according to USA Today to a cheering crowd. “It was reported that NFL owners don’t want to pick him up because they don’t want to get a nasty tweet from Donald Trump. Do you believe that? I just saw that. I just saw that. I said if I remember that one, I’m going to report it to the people of Kentucky. Because they like it when people actually stand for the American flag, right?”The president referenced a report that was published one week into Kaepernick’s free agency that blamed the quarterback’s political activism  — he famously spent last season kneeling during the national anthem — for the lack of interest in him.“Some teams fear the backlash from fans after getting him,” an anonymous AFC general manager told the Bleacher Report,” Friday, March 17. “They think there might be protests or [President Donald] Trump will tweet about the team. I’d say that number is around 10 percent. Then there’s another 10 percent that has a mix of those feelings.”When news broke that Kaepernick would become a free agent, it was also reported that he would end his protest of the national anthem in the upcoming season. Sources told ESPN Kaepernick didn’t want “his method of protest to detract from the positive change he believes has been created.” Many fans saw it as a financially motivated move rather than Kaepernick realizing his goal was achieved. read more

Carlsens Bizarre Decision Has Sent The World Chess Championship To OvertimeCarlsens Bizarre Decision Has Sent The World Chess Championship To Overtime

An attack was coming Caruana’s way, his time was dangerously low, and he was about to make the eight most important moves of his life2He’d receive more time after his 40th move. under various flavors of high pressure. But Carlsen reached out his hand before Caruana could move and offered a draw — a pacifistic bolt from the blue. Caruana happily shook it.I’m not a grandmaster — far from it — but the position above looks nothing like a draw to me. There are, to put it professionally, soooooo many pieces left, including a ton of firepower, plus a pawn rolling down the left flank for black and various pieces that are under attack. And yet, a draw. Another draw.“I wasn’t in a mood to find the punch,” Carlsen said by way of explanation after the game.“I should be really happy with a draw,” Caruana said. “My position had no chances to win.”Caruana said he was surprised by the draw offer. So was everyone else.Let’s leave a deeper discussion of whether Carlsen’s shocking gesture is good for chess for later (it’s absolutely not) and take a look at how we got here. Blitz match 50.180.419.6 It was a willingness that led to real trouble. After Caruana’s 25th move, he was down more than 30 minutes on the clock and the equivalent of nearly two pawns, according to a supercomputer analyzing the game. The middlegame became a wild rumpus, and a scary one for fans of the American, one that neither human grandmasters nor chess superengines could make all that much sense of. Swings in advantage were wild, and time pressure was mounting. After Carlsen’s 31st move, Caruana had less than nine minutes remaining and faced this position. When will the chess end? And will it end in Armageddon? Blitz match 24.879.319.5 read more

The Sharks Got ScarierThe Sharks Got Scarier

1975-76NYIDenis Potvin27.721.6 1973-74BOSBobby Orr40.421.4 Burns/Karlsson could claim a spot among the top D tandemsThe top defensemen duos by the harmonic mean of their goals versus threshold*, 1951-2018, compared with the output of new San Jose Sharks teammates Brent Burns and Erik Karlsson in recent seasons YearTeamPlayer duoindividualHarmonic Mean Paul Coffey21.3 goals vs. threshold Guy Lapointe26.3 Serge Savard22.4 Brian Rafalski19.6 2015-16SJSBrent Burns23.522.4 1970-71BOSBobby Orr47.125.1 *GVT is estimated for seasons since 2015-16.Sources: Hockey Abstract, 2014-15SJSBrent Burns15.115.0 2017-18SJSBrent Burns13.011.2 OTTErik Karlsson15.0 Carol Vadnais14.6 Since the 2008-09 season, no NHL team had played with more than one former winner of the Norris Trophy, given to the league’s top defenseman, according to the Elias Sports Bureau.1In 2008-09, the Anaheim Ducks had former top defensemen Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer, while the Detroit Red Wings had Chris Chelios and Nicklas Lidstrom. But all that changed last week when the San Jose Sharks shook the NHL by trading for Erik Karlsson, among the league’s most coveted defensemen.Karlsson — a two-time Norris Trophy winner and the league’s highest scoring defenseman since the beginning of the 2009-10 season2Karlsson’s rookie season. — will be joining a defensive core that already features Brent Burns, the uber-bearded, gap-toothed wonder who won the 2016-17 Norris Trophy while scoring 29 goals for San Jose. The move obviously makes the Sharks a better and more offensively dangerous team, but the extent to which it does so has the potential to be historic.Last season’s numbers don’t paint a full picture. Both defensemen had relatively down years offensively: Burns and Karlsson each had their lowest goal totals since the 2012-13 season.3A lockout shortened the 2012-13 season by 34 games. Each player also experienced a dip in goals versus threshold (GVT):4GVT was developed by Tom Awad of Hockey Prospectus and is similar to baseball’s Value Over Replacement Player (VORP), in that it seeks to determine a player’s value in goals above what a replacement player would contribute. In this analysis, we used the GVT values found at Hockey Abstract for seasons before 2016-17. For subsequent seasons, we estimated it for skaters using’s Point Shares as our underlying guide. Burns posted his worst mark (13.0) since 2013-14, while Karlsson had his worst season (9.9) since 2012-13. But each player is still very much in the prime of his career: Burns is 33 years old, while Karlsson is just 28. And just look at what they did in the two seasons before last year.During the 2016-17 season, Burns’s GVT was 24.1, while Karlsson’s was 19.7 — the highest two values among defensemen that season and some of the highest in the league since the lockout of 2004-05. The harmonic mean — a special kind of mean that balances between the two values being averaged, so as to capture true tandems (rather than one-man shows) — for the two was 21.7, which would place them among the greatest blueline duos in NHL history if they repeated it as teammates.5Harmonic means capture duos with two exceptionally productive players. It would be easy enough just to add up the GVT values for each team’s top two defensemen, but that might capture cases in which a disproportionate amount of value was added by only one player. (The most extreme example might be on the 1970 Boston Bruins, whose top two D-men, Bobby Orr and Dallas Smith, produced a staggeringly high summed GVT of 47.0 … of which 41.2 belonged to Orr alone. That wasn’t so much a “tandem” as “Orr plus whoever happened to finish a distant second behind him,” which is what we want to avoid. Their harmonic mean, however, was much lower — 10.2 In the previous season, they were collectively even better: Burns’s GVT was 23.5, Karlsson’s was 21.5, and their harmonic mean was 22.4It’s unlikely that both Burns and Karlsson will play to those levels again in 2018-19, but if they were able to match their tallies from the either of the two preceding seasons, they would become one of the most prolific defense tandems by the harmonic mean of GVT in the NHL dating back to at least 1951. YearteamPlayer duoindividualHarmonic Mean 2007-08DETNicklas Lidstrom25.022.0 OTTErik Karlsson19.7 Jean Potvin17.7 1974-75MTLGuy Lapointe23.823.1 Before the Karlsson acquisition, San Jose already got a lot of production from its blueliners: With Burns and Marc-Edouard Vlasic (a regular recipient of Norris Trophy votes), Shark defensemen scored 199 combined points last season, which ranked third in the NHL behind the Nashville Predators (206) and the Minnesota Wild (200). Adding Karlsson, who has averaged 0.83 points per game in his career, makes the Sharks the smart bet to lead the way in points from defensemen in 2018-19.If the Sharks are able to eclipse 200 points from its defensemen, it too would be historic: Since the NHL lockout of 1994-95, just 21 teams have accomplished that feat.6It happened 148 times between the 1970-71 and 1993-94 seasons. It happened just 14 times during the aughts and has been achieved just six times since the beginning of this decade.The knock on Karlsson early in his career was that, while impressive in the offensive zone, he lacked something in the defensive zone. His zone starts tell a different story, however — in each of the past five seasons, more than 44 percent of the faceoffs for which Karlsson has been on the ice have taken place in his defensive zone, indicating a vote of confidence by the Ottawa Senators coaching staff in their best player’s defensive abilities.The addition of Karlsson should also vastly improve San Jose’s power plays. Among the 11 teams that finished with 100 or more points during the 2017-18 season, the Sharks had the third-worst power-play percentage, scoring on just 20.6 percent of their chances. Of the 518 points Karlsson has scored in his career, 195 have come on the man advantage. Tacking on an additional 0.3 power-play points per game should vastly improve the prospects of a team that was perfectly mediocre with the man advantage in 2017-18.A player of Karlsson’s ability would make any team in the NHL better. The Sharks hope that a player of Karlsson’s ability makes them so much better that they’re finally able to get over the hump as perennial would-have-beens to win their first Stanley Cup.Neil Paine contributed research. 1995-96DETNicklas Lidstrom21.421.3 OTTErik Karlsson21.5 Burns and Karlsson over the past four seasons 1993-94NYRBrian Leetch23.222.3 Top defensemen duos in NHL history Dallas Smith17.1 2016-17SJSBrent Burns24.121.7 1985-86PHIMark Howe26.022.0 1974-75BOSBobby Orr46.225.4 Sergei Zubov21.5 1976-77MTLLarry Robinson29.627.9 OTTErik Karlsson9.9 Carol Vadnais17.5 Brad McCrimmon19.0 read more

Ohio State enters Big Ten tourney with No 1 seedOhio State enters Big Ten tourney with No 1 seed

With its 1-0 victory Saturday over rival Michigan, the Ohio State men’s soccer team clinched the third Big Ten Championship in the program’s history.The Buckeyes finished a league-best 4-2 in conference play, earning them the No. 1 seed in the Big Ten Tournament, which begins Thursday in Bloomington, Ind.OSU receives a first-round bye and will play its first tournament game Friday against the winner of No. 4 Indiana and No. 5 Wisconsin. After its loss to the Buckeyes, Michigan dropped to the No. 7 seed.The winner of the Big Ten Tournament earns an automatic berth to the NCAA tournament.OSU will play either Indiana or Wisconsin at 2 p.m. Friday. read more

Web preview Ohio State spent nearly 10 million on home football gamesWeb preview Ohio State spent nearly 10 million on home football games

Ohio Stadium, with the fourth-largest crowd capacity in college football, is considered an intimidating environment for visiting teams. The price of hosting them is equally daunting. Last season the Ohio State Athletic Department spent $9.3 million for the Buckeyes’ seven home football games, a cost of more than $1.3 million a game. However, the price tag for a game against a team like USC is far different than that of a team like Navy. The biggest reason for variation — and also the biggest cost on the line-item budget — is game guarantees. These guarantees, the amount the athletic department agrees to pay each visiting school, are negotiated by the athletic director and fluctuate for a variety of reasons, said Pete Hagan, associate athletic director of finance. Among other game-day costs, variation comes largely because of traffic and parking. The later the kickoff time, the more expensive those costs are, Hagan said. Discrepancies in the security costs arise for the same reason. The department uses more than 10 security agencies to keep the stadium safe on game day, including the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. “We know that Ohio Stadium is a desirable target for the bad guys so we do everything that we can … to protect our fans,” said Ben Jay, associate athletic director of finance and operations. Other universities have begun using OSU’s methods as a guideline to secure their stadiums, officials said. Tthe department also keeps stadium cleanup costs lower than most venues, officials said. The ability to keep costs so low comes from the 43-year relationship with the university ROTC, which works alongside student employees to clean the stadium Sunday mornings. Though the department looks for ways to cut back on the  amount of money dished out for games, costs are not the primary issue. “The bottom line is our customer experience,” Jay said. read more

Commentary William Buford shifts role in NCAA Tournament to help Ohio StateCommentary William Buford shifts role in NCAA Tournament to help Ohio State

When guard William Buford hit the game winning shot against Michigan State in the regular season finale to give the Buckeyes a share of the Big Ten title, Ohio State fans everywhere seemed to forgive him for the inconsistent performance he brought to the court throughout his senior season. During OSU’s run to the Final Four, there hasn’t been much talk about Buford – positive or otherwise. Jared Sullinger is getting his normal superstar attention (and deservingly so), while sophomore guard Aaron Craft’s hustle and sophomore forward Deshaun Thomas’ scoring abilities have shot them into the national limelight as well. After shouldering much criticism during the regular season in the team’s seven losses, Buford’s critics have been relatively silent, but they should be giving him some credit. For OSU’s lone senior, it’s more about what he hasn’t done rather than what he’s done. He hasn’t tried to create his own shot repeatedly when they haven’t been falling all night. He hasn’t tossed up the 18-footers before ever taking a dribble. He hasn’t stood two feet behind the three-point and chucked up a shot with 21 seconds on the clock, before ever trying to work the ball inside. To be harsh, he hasn’t lost any games for the Buckeyes. He’s tweaked his role and been the basketball definition of “less is more.” I hate to compare one of OSU’s all-time leading scorers to a back-up quarterback, but in a sense, that’s what he’s become – and I mean that in a good way. Buford is a shooter, but he’s in a long, long slump. He’s not the shooter Thomas is and I think he’s realized that and I applaud him for it. Buford’s role has been to handle his responsibilities, not go out and win the game. His work has translated into wins and a Final Four berth for the team. Buford’s also done a lot that OSU probably wouldn’t expect after this season as well. He pulled in nine rebounds against Syracuse in the Elite Eight round (the only time he’s had more than that this season was against Iowa with 11). He’s done what’s expected of him in steals and assists. And while he has turned the ball over a bit more than usual, it’s the Big Dance. Everyone is playing for his life out there – turnovers happen more often in high-energy games. He hasn’t made them in the crucial moments. Buford’s shooting still isn’t what it’s capable of being. Keep in mind, after his sophomore year he could have left for the NBA and been a first-round pick. The fact that he came back to finish a four-year college career in scarlet and gray makes me proud that he’s a Buckeye. Buford has said it himself – he’s a shooter. And that shooting ability is what has kept a defender glued to him this entire tournament and allowed Thomas and sophomore guard Lenzelle Smith Jr. to connect on so many big shots. If Buford ends up leading the offense to a national championship, it would be the best send-off a senior could ask for, and he’d be remembered as a legend in Columbus. But if he doesn’t, we should all remember the unselfish adjustments he’s made in the tournament to help his team advance this far. It takes a real man and true team-first player to make those adjustments – and in the tournament, William Buford has proved to be just that. read more

Ohio State set to be pitted against UCLA Kentucky North Carolina inOhio State set to be pitted against UCLA Kentucky North Carolina in

OSU coaches (from left) Dave Dickerson, Jeff Boals, Thad Matta and Greg Paulus look on during a game against Penn State Jan. 29 at the Schottenstein Center. OSU lost, 71-70, in overtime. The coaches wore tennis shoes to show support for Coaches v. Cancer.Credit: Shelby Lum / Photo editorWhispers of an annual college basketball event featuring Ohio State, UCLA, Kentucky and North Carolina floated their way around the rumor mill for quite a while.On Wednesday, though, those whispers were made official.According to CBS Sports, the CBS Sports Classic is set to launch in 2014 and feature the four aforementioned basketball programs in a round-robin style tournament that will take place over a three-season span.The tournament is set to be hosted in three separate cities over the next three seasons, starting with Chicago in 2014, Brooklyn in 2015 and Las Vegas during the 2016 season.The first slate of games in Chicago is set to feature OSU taking on the North Carolina Tar Heels at the United Center on Dec. 20 at 1 p.m. That first-ever CBS Sports Classic matchup will be followed by a battle between UCLA and Kentucky, following the completion of the first game.As for the subsequent years, the Buckeyes are set to take on Kentucky Dec. 19, 2015 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York and is slated to conclude the festivities with a Dec. 17 matchup against the UCLA Bruins in 2016 in Las Vegas.It was also announced Monday that the Big Ten is set to take part in the Dave Gavitt Tipoff Games starting in 2015, which pit the Big Ten against the Big East in an annual series of matchups. read more

Ohio State baseball wins home opener on walkoff hit by pitchOhio State baseball wins home opener on walkoff hit by pitch

Junior pitcher Jake Post (10) delivers a pitch during a game against Northern Kentucky on March 11 at Bill Davis Stadium. OSU won, 4-3.Credit: Mark Batke / Photo editorThe Ohio State baseball team took to Nick Swisher Field at Bill Davis Stadium for the first time this season a day late and came away victorious.Senior catcher Connor Sabanosh was hit by a pitch from Northern Kentucky junior and Delaware, Ohio, native Tyler Miller with the bases loaded as OSU walked off with a 4-3 victory Wednesday night.OSU’s home opener was originally scheduled for Tuesday, but the game was called off because of rain in Columbus.The Buckeyes (8-4), were powered by sophomore outfielder Ronnie Dawson, whose two-run home run in the bottom of the first careened off the scoreboard in right field to give OSU an early 2-0 lead.OSU held the lead until the top of the fifth inning, when Northern Kentucky senior outfielder Cole Bauml doubled off the Buckeye’s starting pitcher, freshman Jacob Niggemeyer, to knot the game at two apiece.Niggemeyer left after the sixth inning after giving up eight hits, two earned runs and two strikeouts.Coach Greg Beals said he was very impressed with how the freshman threw in his first game at Bill Davis Stadium.“We played great defense and got a quality start out of Jacob Niggemeyer,” Beals said in a press release. “The rookie gets the ball for the first time in his career in a home opener and gave us six innings with two earned runs. The bullpen held their own tonight as well.”Redshirt-junior Michael Horejsei pitched a scoreless seventh and junior Jake Post tossed a scoreless eighth. Dawson came to the plate with one out in the bottom half of the eighth inning and reached first on a successful bunt attempt.With redshirt-junior infielder Nick Sergakis at bat, Dawson drew a pickoff throw from Northern Kentucky sophomore pitcher Evan Korson, which went wide of the first baseman.Dawson scored on the error all the way from first to give the Buckeyes a 3-2 lead heading into the top of the ninth.The sophomore outfielder was responsible for three of OSU’s four runs.Senior pitcher Trace Dempsey came out and breezed through the first two hitters before surrendering a walk and two hits as the Norse were able to tie the game at three, sending the game into the bottom of the ninth before Sabanosh drew the walk-off hit by pitch.The Buckeyes are set to return to action Friday as they are scheduled to begin a three-game series with Evansville. First pitch is set for 5:05 p.m. read more

Travellers from across Europe flock to Bristol beauty spot to pay lastTravellers from across Europe flock to Bristol beauty spot to pay last

first_imgCaravans on Durdham Downs, in Sneyd Park, Bristol Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Writing online, another person living in Sneyd Park, said: “It’s not about racism or xenophobia like some would have you believe.”If anybody moves into an area and then treats that environment with utter disregard, nah, contempt… then they aren’t welcome in that place, regardless of background or socioeconomic status.”If they coexisted harmoniously with the local environment, instead of befouling it and being an intimidating presence, none of us would have any problems with them.” She is a queen and a princess, she is like Lady Diana to the travellers. She is good to the poor and the sick – she is highly respectedViolet Crumlish’s son Alex Bristol City Council said its legal team would apply for an order to evict the travellers from the land as soon as possible.A spokesman said: “A welfare assessment has been completed and the paperwork has been sent to our legal team to apply for a possession order to recover the site from the travellers as swiftly as possible.”We are also working closely with local police to monitor the situation.” One local, John Michaels, who lives close to where the caravans are parked on The Downs, said the visitors are “absolutely filthy”.The visitors have been spotted drying out sleeping bags, reclining in deck chairs and making fires at the spot.” he said.Mr Michaels said: “I have always been of ‘the live and let live’ mentality, however have genuinely been shocked by the behaviour of these travellers – defecating in the bushes, rubbish everywhere, small fires, noise, swearing.”Another resident, Neive Laing, said she was “disgusted” by what she saw.She said: “There are quite a few vans and cars there. What upset me was there must be toilets in the trailers, so I don’t know why they are doing it in the bushes.”I was waiting in traffic when I saw one of the children spray painting on the pavement and another one had paint on her hands.”They were causing nothing but disruption. There is always a horrendous mess and we don’t want that around here. I actually saw a child defecating on the grass this morning. It’s absolutely disgusting, especially when the Downs is a place of natural beauty.” Two foreign-registered Mercedes cars on the beauty spot in Other makeshift sites have sprung up elsewhere in the city, in Lockleaze, Horfield, Clifton, Bedminster and Stoke Gifford.But the travellers have caused a stir with locals, who claim they have spotted some of them defecating in bushes and littering.Mrs Crumlish’s son, Alex, said the community has made the pilgrimage because his mother is so highly respected in travelling circles.He said: “She is a queen and a princess, she is like Lady Diana to the travellers. She is good to the poor and the sick – she is highly respected.”She is like a mother to many in the travelling community which is why thousands are coming to see her. She is a lovely woman through and through and we are very proud that so many people are coming to see her. We will take her back to Northern Ireland for her funeral.”Police say they are powerless to move them on unless “aggravating factors” are reported such as disorder, anti-social behaviour or crime. Violet Crumlish, a mother of 11, is highly respected among travellers Two foreign-registered Mercedes cars on the beauty spot in Bristol Violet Crumlish, a mother of 11, is highly respected among travellers Caravans on Durdham Downs, in Sneyd Park, Thousands of travellers from across Europe have flocked to a beauty spot in a fleet of sports cars to pay their last respects to their dying “Lady Diana”.The large group arrived on Durdham Downs in Bristol, where the average house costs £770,000, in soft top Audis and Mercedes  – with French, Belgian, Swiss and Slovenian number plates – pulling caravans.They are paying respects to Violet Crumlish, a “Traveller Queen” who is being treated for terminal bowel cancer at a Bristol hospital.Thousands of travellers from across the continent have made the trip to say their goodbyes to the 59-year-old mother of 11, with more set to arrive.Many have set up camp on Durdham Downs, in Sneyd Park, pitching their caravans and cars on the picturesque parkland.last_img read more

Brazen thieves steal terracotta soldiers in bizarre CCTV videoBrazen thieves steal terracotta soldiers in bizarre CCTV video

first_imgThese two men are captured on CCTV stealing two terracotta soldiers worth £2,000 from a driveway. The rather bizarre footage is captured in Menston, England. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings.last_img