Month: November 2017

Love Shanghai for promotion of unknown decryption marketing strategyLove Shanghai for promotion of unknown decryption marketing strategy

I remember a famous saying: "social problem can be solved by money, it is not a problem." The Shanghai dragon long, slow and relatively higher requirements on the site and other factors, many companies have chosen to do this for promotion as long as money can quickly get good rankings promotion way. This choice is not wrong, but it does give the search engine brings huge opportunities. Especially love Shanghai, the country’s first search engine, for the popularization and application of technology has been basically perfect. read more

Shanghai Longfeng business needs technology and capacityShanghai Longfeng business needs technology and capacity

1. combat experience, successful cases, the likely success of case is not a proof of your ability to medal, but just that you’ve really done a good job.

1. will be a language, Asp, PHP, Html and so on. Use this language to do. Although now many cases do not need to do it yourself Shanghai dragon, but only in at least one language, we can adjust the structure and content of the site itself. No site can favor to obtain long-term long-term change of the search engine. We need to constantly fine-tuning, fine-tuning. read more