Month: September 2017

How to find out the search engineHow to find out the search engine

our site with web page to try to keep the high quality, the site open speed fast and stable, but also for the website user experience, a good site must grasp what I said above, you help the search engine burden, so that a search engine will also pay more attention to your site and friendly. Instead say if you violate.

how to understand the search engine temper? First of all, to understand the search engines and directories, some webmaster used to the directory page as a search engine, this view is not reasonable. We all know that search engines are automatically carried out on web crawling and so on, that is not artificial to crawl to collect. The typical website directory directory such as hao123, YAHOO and so on all of these is a human edited directory. The fundamental meaning is not the same, but the directory if only factor in most human citation included the front page of the site, but the search engine is a full range of grab. The development of search engines and what challenges? In general can be divided into four points: page capture, data storage, user intention and result processing and artificial only index. The four point is the inevitable challenges encountered in the development of search engine. The Internet is a dynamic network, every day from all over the world in the above information will be updated, which determines the search engine to crawl speed must be fast, but also to grasp the information widely and comprehensive, data storage is the real thing, a large amount of data storage is brought the high strength and the maintenance of the database server maintenance, it is now more difficult challenge. How to put a large amount of information crawl to the processing and settlement and the user’s intention and the combination of artificial intelligence is more important in the search results. If you want to make it clear. We do try to help it reduce its burden, go to face the challenge and it now. read more

Love Shanghai pantoic use in the production of black holes and algorithmLove Shanghai pantoic use in the production of black holes and algorithm

4. security issues. Now do the black, not technology, but there is no security channel. Before writing a story "from Li Jun was arrested again technology trends and popular science" Bo Peep color "industry".

1. weight problem. Only the main domain of certain weight, will to pan domain. Do you know some of the hacker ring intrusion events, what a certain domain name business to the black, taking a certain domain name under a black hole ultra vires, domain name business, at least hundreds of thousands, millions of domain names, by their extensive analysis, this solution is the beginning of the main domain name, weight. read more

How to use the perfect love Shanghai product line to do Shanghai DragonHow to use the perfect love Shanghai product line to do Shanghai Dragon

love seafood line a lot, can also have a lot of use up. If you can make the perfect love Shanghai product line use, bring their own site effect is as can be imagined. Today is to talk about how to use the perfect love Shanghai product line to the site of the Shanghai dragon, nonsense not say, the beginning of the text.

3. (all love Shanghai library website can do). Love is one of the Shanghai library platform for the construction of the chain is the most simple and most efficient, as long as the establishment of a document (preferably WORD document, love Shanghai seems very love), the content of the document to comply with Shanghai love library agreement on the line, as do more content, the content of each document properly, so as not to be identified for the quality under the document, don’t forget in the contents of the document in the end add link, the link is not too much, the audit will not pass, try not to be advertising information. Then in the library you can upload. Through the audit for their own site to bring a stable high weight of the chain. Upload address: 贵族宝贝wenku.baidu贵族宝贝/ read more

With the selection of cold words competition hot word choice than quickWith the selection of cold words competition hot word choice than quick

since I feel cold quick results, I do mind is completely changed. It is the first to do a cold flow easier to do, it is important to select the core keywords website. But Rome was not built in a day, Dripping water wears through a stone. The more competitive keywords though we do not abandon.

choice of a website is correct or not, determine the success or failure of this website. If you choose the wrong, it took time and effort but did not receive effect is not taste of lost. Of course, someone may say that even if actually started the wrong choice, can be. Personally think that change can be changed, but a waste of time and energy before. If the site re select keywords and all start again, it is a cup. But today is not to tell you about how to choose the right keywords for the website. But also with the correct choice of Web site keywords have a great relationship, because after I made a joke to realize a website that is, as the title says "and we choose some competitive popular keywords, rather than difficult before they are easy to choose a short time can be up to do something popular keywords. read more

Outside the station optimization tutorial series five a full range of basic knowledge of blog marketOutside the station optimization tutorial series five a full range of basic knowledge of blog market

blog marketing refers to the use of the blog publicity or propaganda enterprise. Blog marketing is what we usually do is to publish original blog post, establish authority, thereby affecting the users to buy. At present, many people think that the establishment of a large number of blog marketing blog account with each free blog hosting service business website, with a blog post published in the blog hosting platform, and even some articles simply copied or reproduced, its purpose is to produce these blogs from external links, to promote their own master. read more

Ma Jiajia encountered 25 year old watershed commercial world is not difficult to spell cuteGenius prMa Jiajia encountered 25 year old watershed commercial world is not difficult to spell cuteGenius pr

woke up at the hotel in Seoul, brushed off the WeChat group, saw several girls talking about what 25, after the loss of collagen, after 25 will be very eager to find a boyfriend.

the software exploded overnight. "During my four year college, I captured 80% of the students." He said.

started his first venture at the age of 12. "I want to teach people how to cheat in video games."." He smiled and said, "so, I wrote the online game cheating Encyclopedia Cheat Neopets.". You only need to pay $25 a month, so you can get all of my cheating skills. Things went well until Neopets sent me a lawyer’s letter asking me to end the action." read more

nfluence factors of the station optimization keywords rankingnfluence factors of the station optimization keywords ranking

because the station optimization will enhance the user data within the site, such as: PV, conversion rate, residence time of the page, the user’s access again. These are closely related and the station optimization, which do good to your user experience, improve the site’s audience, search engine will detect your web page quality is high, can retain customers for search engines, how can have good keywords ranking


first clear positioning of the user group, enhance the conversion rate; second is the precise positioning of the keywords, the keywords competition is not often refers to the key words so much; finally enhance the precise positioning of the audience, reduce the bounce rate site, enhance the user experience, why not a good read more

dentification of true and false site traffic and user experiencedentification of true and false site traffic and user experience

sites brush flow events is very common, some optimization optimization work for the company, sometimes will let the leaders feel that their optimization means very cow B in this way, let the leadership attention. This kind of deception and self deception, sometimes will take a role. We look down to how to distinguish the flow of the site is IP brush or real, and through the data to look at the site of the user experience how to:

The ratio of

more than three points not only can analyze the flow problem and user experience, more importantly, they can also reflect the existence of the value of a site, a valuable website is worth sharing of the internet. The original article by the fifth generation of 贵族宝贝, please indicate the source, thank you read more

Liai Shanghai library chain techniques and misunderstandingLiai Shanghai library chain techniques and misunderstanding


skills: do not implant any advertising

three: word insert picture most easily through

sex with love, know not the same, but no relationship with the level of what. I start from bulk upload, the rate is very high. >

error: high grade easily by

content of the choice is the most important part to decide whether the. Love Shanghai library class is divided into "education zone", "PPT" and "professional information" and "application documents". It is not what things can be made into the library contents pass up. Often see some people casually copied some news of what to put, not by normal. read more

Optimization can not be used not to follow the sixth senseOptimization can not be used not to follow the sixth sense

2 and reasonable controllable meter >

Optimization of

treatment method: in-depth study of Shanghai dragon concept, development data of Shanghai dragon thinking, put aside the "sixth sense", grasp the progress of optimization

2, custom segments, stage or multi station synchronization. For example, keyword density is requested in the 2%-8%, you can verify a range of options for multiple page test, different density tests on the same key words, the ranking of the website keywords could influence. read more