Month: July 2017

Webmaster website Farewell abandoned planning concept should be concise and focusedWebmaster website Farewell abandoned planning concept should be concise and focused

With the rapid development of Internet and the extremely prosperity of e-commerce, the upsurge of enterprise establishment has been stimulated by

. But on the other hand, there are sad data behind the boom.

in July 15th this year, according to CNNIC released twenty-sixth China Internet development statistics report shows that the number of sites in January this year from 3 million 230 thousand to 2 million 790 thousand, a decrease of 440 thousand. At present, 2 million 790 thousand sites, about 8 sites in the idle state, which means that about 2 million 200 thousand sites did not in use and the use of these sites is of low efficiency, caused the enterprise cyber source was seriously abandoned after the initial development. read more

Page tour station thinking do a little more thinking websitePage tour station thinking do a little more thinking website

operates the hands of the Webpage Game website for a long time, before the game opened QQ group, many of my friends asked me now Webpage Game development bottleneck, why do I still insist on this industry, and can realize the user based solid. In fact, the industry downturn, but from a profit point of view, my personal idea is that as long as there is potential, there are markets, then when others clamoring to quit, but rather our good opportunities for development. However, any website or industry development process, more or less have some small skills, page tour is the same, everyone in operation when really need more ideas in it. read more

The true meaning of doing website simple is a kind of beautyThe true meaning of doing website simple is a kind of beauty

I’ve always felt that websites should adhere to simple principles, especially small and medium enterprise websites and personal websites. The process of planning thinking can be very complex, but the simpler it is, the better.

this is reflected in several ways.

profit model simple

nonprofit websites are another matter. The ultimate goal of most websites is nothing but profit. Recently no reports, two or three years ago, the figure is 80% of the site is not profitable, one of the most important reason is that the profit model is not clear. Some people do want is too complex, the profit model will move out of a lot of practical application with no reality whatever words, but on the website to miss the point. Website profit model should be very simple, direct, straight to the subject. To sell is to sell, to advertise is to advertise, and not to beat about the bush. In recent years, in the profit model, a big mistake is that many sites want to rely on free things, made a large number of users or a community, and then think of ways to profit. As a result, many websites end up with no way to make a profit. read more

User experience analysis strategic significance of the timeline for RenrenUser experience analysis strategic significance of the timeline for Renren


timeline (timeline) is a form of temporal display of feed. From 2011 onwards, Facebook, path and other famous sites have launched timeline, the first line on the time axis is not web but some clients, such as painting, then in early 2012, QQ launched the space time axis, but bland.

in at this time to prepare the grand launch of the time axis, and Chen Yizhou was known as "the history of mankind truly epoch-making product, the next step is mobile", combined with the recent client revision to Facebook style, we can see that is not simple imitation timeline, but would like to see some things. read more

Movie station 5 years of growth heart journeyMovie station 5 years of growth heart journey


2003 my friend introduced a movie website! Huizhou interactive was not directly with the IP domain name is Lu see! And sometimes very card! Watch a world and its buffer for a period of time! I didn’t do, my heart wants is do a buffer film station


started, I found some information about the movie station on the internet. A little learning time of popular streaming media technology [Helix Server] erection! Learning when asked a lot of users, browse a lot of forum, 05 years through the study finally made a 815 of their computer’s website was born! When the excitement of the night can’t sleep; sleep only 4 hour began learning to do read more

You look at the small and medium sized webmaster county local station four strokes earn 1 millioYou look at the small and medium sized webmaster county local station four strokes earn 1 millio

Discuz! Lovers April 15th news (text / webmaster o see a webmaster) today is very excited to communicate with me (to avoid advertising too, omitting the site name and name), he had a place in the west of Hubei Province a county station this year is expected to make more than 150, has become the first local life portal website network traffic and popularity, far more than the local government websites and media websites, government departments and local enterprises to cooperate with business on the upgrade. read more

About home page focus color matching BlackAbout home page focus color matching Black

do electricity supplier all know the importance of decoration, I often put online shop and women used to do comparison, shop decoration is like a woman’s face, can attract you, keep you, appearance is always the first element. However, the shop decoration is always a headache, how to match the colors are often confusing, difficult to control. Therefore, we have to find our brand and positioning of the color system to express our products, do a good job of color matching, as far as possible to use the focus of the home page to attract users and retain users. So what I want to share with you today is the color scheme for the focus of the home page — black, start with black. read more

Looking at the defects of Baidu algorithm from 97ai keywordLooking at the defects of Baidu algorithm from 97ai keyword

has been very depressed, do not know what 97ai is, how so many people search the word, one day in a friend’s explanation, I understand, the original 97ai is a color station, and the same: to love. Later, the station was shut down, leaving many loyal users searching the word "Baidu" constantly.

can see that the search volume is very high.

accidentally in Baidu search on the 97ai of the word, and the word search in Google, a 97ai found: search row home page basically in Baidu is not the content of the page is pop, jump, virus, Trojan…… Baidu front row is basically with the word regardless of the content, and in Google is the opposite, in front of the row is related to the word, it can be seen that the algorithm of Baidu as Google. read more

China’s top five grassroots sports live websitesChina’s top five grassroots sports live websites

one. Live


China started earlier, more customers, the impact of the deep broadcast station, and now most of the types of stations imitate him,.

disadvantages: too much advertising, complicated pages

two. Super live broadcast network (

China started early super live broadcast website, is China’s earliest special broadcast super site, for the development of China’s Football League laid the foundation. The interface is clean,.

disadvantages: speed is sometimes slow, very card read more

How to build nternet brand marketing channels for wedding businessHow to build nternet brand marketing channels for wedding business

"brand" is in the minds of consumers.

wedding business to establish brand, we must establish the channel of brand communication. These are the traditional sense of the media". The media can be divided into newspapers, magazines, radio, television, print ads, public welfare activities, and the internet. The Internet has become a "super newspaper" and "super TV" today. Wedding websites have become the basis of brand communication. Wedding business websites have become the most important platform for users to understand wedding services and interact with businesses. read more