Month: June 2017

How to improve the level of tax administration in ZigongHow to improve the level of tax administration in Zigong

in social life, there are a lot of people to create a lot of wealth, in accordance with the relevant provisions, is to pay a certain amount of tax. However, due to the tax system is not perfect, resulting in a lot of people have an opportunity, often tax evasion phenomenon. So, how to improve the level of tax in Zigong?

(1) full and full withholding withholding management. To strengthen the strength of the withholding declaration management personnel, through the performance appraisal to expand the electronic payment of wages and salaries of the details of the reporting coverage and reporting rate. read more

How to investigate a franchise companyHow to investigate a franchise company

now, although there are a lot of investors are aware of the need to seriously study to join the brand, however, the end from which aspect, what kind of joining the company and is worthy of our trust, these are uncertain factors. So, how to investigate a company?

1, there is no system management model

this standard is not universal, because not every company when you begin to understand the relevant information to show you, more companies will then pay the cost in you before putting them into your hands. read more

Operating brand lighting stores should pay attention to what mattersOperating brand lighting stores should pay attention to what matters

With the rapid development of the lighting industry, all kinds of lighting products continue to flood into the market, venture capital

what project? Of course, the choice of brand lighting. Want to open a popular brand lighting stores, you have to learn more knowledge. In the end what should be paid attention to operating brand lighting stores? Here is one for you.

novice brand lighting stores should pay attention to what matters? In fact, need to consider the details of many basic is to local market investigation, know what around peers also need to know what their market position? For investors on the development condition of industry an understanding, know what kind of products to attract to the customer? What kind of product is what people want, find their own investment in the direction of read more

How to promote the management of cosmetics franchise storesHow to promote the management of cosmetics franchise stores

now society, cosmetics for the majority of female compatriots, the meaning is very clear, at the same time, with the majority of women’s demand for skin care products, cosmetics shops still hot.

A, along with age increase, the woman’s delicate skin with subtle changes in the imperceptibly, time flies over the age of thirty, many skin problems will not suddenly in the following, when many women only see light suddenly from adolescence or earlier regret a previous mistake, so women should have skin care concept, will be greater the degree of care of their skin aging, but also can maximize the delay of the skin. Two, many women think that only the beauty salon is truly understand and master the skin secret center, are expected in the beauty salon can solve your skin, to the beauty salon has become Nurses’Station own skin, so largely ignored the daily skin care, make economic and energy more betting in holistic nursing the beauty salon, theoretically it is not necessary, the biggest drawback is to ignore the daily maintenance. read more

The use of these methods of children’s clothing store more attractiveThe use of these methods of children’s clothing store more attractive

some people may have such a wrong understanding, that the main product line on the shop, the shop has no attraction is not important. The attractiveness of the store also has a direct effect on the results of the sale, with a good display layout shops can create higher sales. Children’s clothing store if the following aspects of the display, it will be more attractive to the consumer market.

disc display, is actually changing neatly displayed, also showed the amount of goods. With the disk as a unit piled up, so you can speed up the display of clothing, but also to a certain extent that customers can buy in bulk. read more

Wandering in the door is to continue or turn backWandering in the door is to continue or turn back

2015, to carry out a country with vigour and vitality to "public entrepreneurship, innovation" as the theme of the management activities. A lot of people into the entrepreneurial army, began to struggle for their own. However, behind the passion, countless entrepreneurs tangled and wandering.

"scenes of the opening of the drum, one after another ending elegy, now have gone with the wind, only the gentle sigh in my heart." Several years later, when 80 entrepreneurs look back again the public business in 2015, will also start work by Feng Xiaogang issued "a sigh" the feeling? read more

The measures of optimizing financial service in PanzhihuaThe measures of optimizing financial service in Panzhihua

the economic development of a region can not be separated from each other’s cooperation and support. This time, Panzhihua to optimize the local financial services to take relevant measures to promote the city’s economic development. The following and small series of specific understanding of the specific policies introduced in Panzhihua.

it is understood that this year, our city based on the original steady growth of 26 measures, introduced to promote the industrial economy steady growth of 18 measures to help enterprises respond to the downtown pressure on the economy, promote the stable growth of industrial economy. read more

What should be paid attention to women’s shopWhat should be paid attention to women’s shop

women’s clothing market plays a very important role in the apparel industry, many investors will choose to operate women. Because they think a woman’s money is better! So, operating a women’s clothing store, in the purchase of the time to pay attention to what?


2. multi brand clothing business, or do they, it would be a bit of thought read more

What is now the most profitable shop selling five categories of goods is very fireWhat is now the most profitable shop selling five categories of goods is very fire

what is the most profitable shop selling? Presumably this is a lot of entrepreneurs want to figure out the problem. Through the search for a variety of information found that these five types of goods will sell the most popular, is now or future entrepreneurs in the direction of investment. Next, let’s take a look at it.

A, jewelry: "crystal", "Jade Pendant" hot.

read more