Month: April 2017

China Tianjin eco city to form a multi level entrepreneurial support systemChina Tianjin eco city to form a multi level entrepreneurial support system

China Innovation and entrepreneurship environment continues to optimize and improve, attracted a lot of cross-border cooperation projects, the new Tianjin eco city is a development platform for entrepreneurial talent, but also bring a good opportunity for innovation and entrepreneurship.

as new cooperation projects between the two countries, the comprehensive advantages of the new Tianjin eco city of innovative entrepreneurs have great appeal. The policy support of the advantages, the relatively mature entrepreneurial environment, relatively perfect service facilities, relatively complete service ability and relative professional service team, entrepreneurial support system of a multi-level ecological city is gradually formed. read more

What are the pet shop purchase wayWhat are the pet shop purchase way

pet store is now the subject of much concern, if you want to open a pet shop, then what will be the way to purchase it? Xiao Bian for us to do a detailed introduction, I hope you can better help start business.

what are the pet store purchase? Purchase from the manufacturer must be eliminating many intermediate links, but the need to establish a good relationship, because the pet shop purchase less, so it is difficult to purchase with the manufacturers; about living with the kennel cooperation, can also reproduce themselves, just cost investment risk will be greater. read more

Do not eat your chicken chicken Superman franchise investment operating flexibilityDo not eat your chicken chicken Superman franchise investment operating flexibility

is now the trend of the development of the food and beverage industry is getting better and better, so now a lot of venture capitalists are also joined the food and beverage market to start a business to get rich. Now so many food items, as investors, do not know which one to join the project, today Xiaobian recommend chicken Superman join the brand is very good, the following Xiaobian together to look at it:

chicken Superman franchise? Adhere to every detail, to provide quality food. Superman joined the selection of high-quality chicken ingredients, authentic taste of Taiwan will spread to all parts of the country, had the diners know Superman crispy chicken, attractive color, healthy and delicious, how much to eat are not greasy. Chicken is good cook delicious Superman out, more important is the chicken Superman chicken is low-fat, is conducive to good health. read more

Entrepreneurs want to succeed in the perspective of the rich to thinkEntrepreneurs want to succeed in the perspective of the rich to think

said that today’s society is rich and poor polarization is very serious, many are complaining about the unfairness of life, but few people want to rely on their own efforts to change lives. The rich man’s mind is not the same as the poor — not what I may lose, but what I get. The rich value of opportunities, poor people concerned about obstacles. The rich see potential growth, the poor see potential losses. Rich concern harvest, the poor pay attention to risk. The poor are chosen on the basis of fear, and their minds are constantly searching. People in the middle class are relatively optimistic, and they say, "I do hope that works."." The rich man will say, "it will work, because I want it to work."

read more

Guiyang municipal Party Secretary Chen Gang on New Year’s day to entrepreneursGuiyang municipal Party Secretary Chen Gang on New Year’s day to entrepreneurs

now more and more innovative entrepreneurs in the community, has become a cause of government attention groups. This year’s new year, the leadership of Guizhou is still struggling in the first line of entrepreneurs who send greetings, so entrepreneurs feel the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs in Guiyang.

2 8, the lunar new year, the Guizhou Provincial Committee and party secretary Chen Gang came to the "national high tech Zone of Guiyang new three line" coffee, to extend holiday in Building New Year greetings on behalf of "your drift", to seek their advice on the party and government work, and eat together with their family reunion dinner Chinese, with the most warm way to spend the spring festival. read more

Dessert franchise business guidanceDessert franchise business guidance

love girl luck laugh is generally not bad, sweet child is also very soft heart of children, we love the delicious dessert is a delicacy, dessert plays an important role in the modern people’s consumption, living standards continue to improve, the consumption level is also rising, a dessert in daily life adjust the life good delicacy, also welcomed, so, want to open a special dessert stores,

need to pay attention to what?

1. site selection as long as people can be more locations. The best in the business district, near the large market, next to the cinema, industrial quarters, office buildings, such as concentrated. Passenger stations, docks and restaurants near unfavorable, because of the high rent shops, and people come and go, not hungry belly, no intention to patronize the dessert shop. read more

Ceng Jianhua graduate students to start selling skin care productsCeng Jianhua graduate students to start selling skin care products

skincare is every woman need it every day, for many female friends can not eat, but you can not care, so the industry has been in the skin care products will have great prospects, there are a lot of people choose skin care in the choice of entrepreneurial projects for this industry, want to say today is a graduate schools graduate business selling skincare inspirational story.

childhood maibing gun realize business

Ceng Jianhua was born in Hunan, Guiyang, a poor mountain area, there are 2 little sister and old grandparents, the whole family only rely on their parents to buy and sell tobacco to survive. In rural areas it seems that only knowledge can change the fate of my grandfather grew up on his "sky high constantly give personal advice, not only high school". read more

2016 what are the ten thousand yuan entrepreneurial ideas2016 what are the ten thousand yuan entrepreneurial ideas

now society, increase the pressure of life, there are a lot of young people to start a business, at the same time in the early start, venture capital is also a problem, some small business methods are welcome, then Xiaobian to recommend ten thousand yuan business ideas.

ten thousand yuan business ideas: lovers gift shop

the project establishment conditions similar to ordinary boutique, but the operating style is different, its business focus more on a feeling word, should be both practical and let people feel warm and warm. In addition, the market survey is also very important, the couple gifts are closely followed by fashion, do not understand the needs of consumers and blind self management and development is likely to lead to poor sales. read more