Month: March 2017

Super underdog win Kyrgyzstan ArmySuper underdog win Kyrgyzstan Army

In August 1st 20, the super team Shanghai Shen Xin in the city sports center in Kyrgyzstan against visitors almost the foot lineup of Dole doe, after 90 minutes of rain in the two teams 0:0 score goalless draw, the final in a penalty shootout, Shanghai Shen Xin 5:4 to win the match. There are more than 1100 fans watching the game.

"we hope that the Xining hosted more games, we love to see, the charm of sports, especially football charm, every fans are very eager to." Many people said that the game so that they are very excited, both at the door to see the high level of football matches, but also to cheer for athletes in the field.

"through the tournament, I test the province to organize large-scale events, but also gave us after holding similar activities experience." Our organizers responsible person said that the current comprehensive sports center of Qinghai advanced equipment, is the best place for people’s leisure exercise, then the company will rely on more resources, more and more large-scale events to introduce more food for the spirit of the people of Qinghai.  
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Xining urban development and investment fair to promote the reception of 12 LandXining urban development and investment fair to promote the reception of 12 Land

In September 10th, Xining City Land Resources Bureau, Xining City Planning Bureau held the state-owned land, land auction special refueling station that will use right to merchants to promote land 12, a total of 708.38 acres.

a lot of visitors with the promotion of the land has a lot of interest. Ben reporter Cui Yongtao photo

Xining Municipal Bureau of land and resources with the help of Xining city development and investment fair platform for the promotion of state-owned land, in order to promote the healthy and stable development of the land market, accelerate the development of Xining city construction, attract strength, advanced management of enterprises to invest in Xining city construction, the 12 state-owned land in urban areas and suburban downtown area planning the use of covered commercial, commercial and residential building, gas station etc.. Many of the participants of the hot spots which gave a high degree of concern, and consulting related matters. read more

Six innovations will shine 2014 clear food exhibitionSix innovations will shine 2014 clear food exhibition

As the promotion of China and Muslim countries, economic and trade cooperation, the revitalization of halal industry international trade event and an important platform — clean food exhibition in Muslim countries and the development of halal industry in the field has been underestimated. Open the door to allow more people to participate in the exhibition, with Silk Road Economic Belt construction elements, e-commerce extension exhibition effect, the establishment of industry funds to guide industrial development…… Will be held on May 15th, the 2014 Food Fair will be innovative exhibition life, highlighting the new features, focusing on highlighting the international vision of Qinghai’s opening up to promote the Muslim industry strides towards the world.

– open the exhibition, the exhibition office people. Color and flavor of the United States, exotic flavor is clear food exhibition suction eye force, where the masses during the exhibition. 2014 clean food exhibition will simplify the opening ceremony, sent to reduce activities, to allow more people to participate in the exhibition, open the door, open the door to do, the Qing food exhibition do people really show. Representatives from the world, the Chinese merchants and people will share halal food feast.

– elements into Silk Road Economic Belt construction. At the national Silk Road Economic Belt construction of major strategic deployment, Qinghai to clean food exhibition as a platform, the combination of economic and trade cooperation, opening up and the construction of the economic zone, is a forward-looking exploration. To this end, the province actively invite countries and regions along the silk economic belt exhibitors. Will be held in Qinghai and the countries along the Silk Road Economic Cooperation Roundtable and other activities during the exhibition, will be one of the mechanisms through dialogue, the economic and trade cooperation area and Qinghai, these countries to a new stage.

– Electronic Commerce, make clear food exhibition never closing. 2014 clean food exhibition will use new technology and technical means, including the widespread popularity of e-commerce in the general population, etc.. During the exhibition and exhibition, e-commerce will be the emergence of a large number of investment negotiations, signing, such as the transmission of information will be through the electronic commerce to promote, especially after the end of the exhibition electronic commerce will continue, let the Qing food exhibition become endless exhibition.

– National Day reflects the domestic and foreign exchange fusion. This year, the fair will be held for the first time held a national day activities, so that domestic and foreign exchanges and integration in this exhibition has been fully reflected. Chinese country day will showcase the domestic part of the province (area, city) local ethnic arts and culture in Pakistan and Iran halal industry; National Day on display at the same time, China Pai and exotic history of friendly exchanges, and will strengthen economic and trade cooperation and exchanges between the two countries.

– halal food inspection and strive for a breakthrough. Food safety concern, and the food fair and food is closely related to an exhibition this year, through the food show platform will gradually promote the development of food inspection and testing system, which is expected in the next one or two years; read more

Strive to do the work of national unity and progress in HuangzhongStrive to do the work of national unity and progress in Huangzhong

twelve Party Congress pointed out that the people’s livelihood as the first, to serve; unity is treasure, stability is the foundation. To fully mobilize all positive factors, to build advanced areas of national unity and progress, and strive to build a harmonious Qinghai and everyone for all to share, let the people live a happier life with more dignity, more happy."

to create national unity and progress advanced area, is a necessary requirement to promote leapfrog development in Huangzhong, Huangzhong is a long period of stability and reinforce the policy, is the important measure to improve the party’s ruling ability in the minority areas, is an important starting point to promote the scientific development of Huangzhong and the long period of stability. Huangzhong should start from the "five aspects", and strive to do a good job of national unity and progress. We should deepen the work of national unity and progress with the "five sticks". read more

Sanjiang source of National Nature Reserve Authority and the relevant personnel and assets transferrSanjiang source of National Nature Reserve Authority and the relevant personnel and assets transferr

  June 6th, transferred to the ceremony held in Xining district administration of relevant personnel and assets of Sanjiang national natural protection source, provincial Party committee and provincial reform office director, Sanjiang national park system pilot preparatory group leader Ma Shunqing attended the ceremony and delivered a speech, vice governor Gao Hua presided.

ceremony, Ma Shunqing pointed out that the CPC Central Committee and the State Council under the care of the pilot work of Sanjiang source system started six months, the relevant departments in accordance with the provincial Party committee and provincial government deployment, positive action, solid work, National Park Management Bureau of Sanjiang source preparatory work has made positive progress, management system of basic form. Sanjiang source of the National Nature Reserve Administration Personnel and assets of the Provincial Forestry Department officially transferred to the Sanjiang National Park Authority (chips), which means that the official establishment of the national park management authority established. read more

Seminar on the prevention and control of disease vectors in the north of the citySeminar on the prevention and control of disease vectors in the north of the city

the morning of August 14th, according to the health education instructor Xining citymission arrangement, Chaoyang Street offices, district health education in Chaoyang office meeting room on the first floor held a lecture on health knowledge in pest control as the theme of the residents.
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The province’s first ecological civilization blue book publishedThe province’s first ecological civilization blue book published

1 23, the provincial government information office held a press conference, announced the "Qinghai ecological civilization construction report (2016)", the major theoretical and practical issues of ecological civilization construction in Qinghai as the research content, comprehensive analysis and scientific analysis, comprehensive, to reflect the overall dynamics of Qinghai ecological civilization construction. This is my first "ecological civilization construction in Qinghai blue book" (hereinafter referred to as the "blue book"), to the domestic and foreign system, a comprehensive introduction to our country in the protection and construction of ecological environment in Sanjiang source region on policy, practice and achievements, to guide the public opinion to the public, and the accumulation of positive energy for further promotion our province ecological protection and construction. read more

Provincial second inspection teams feedback to the provincial radio and television party inspectionProvincial second inspection teams feedback to the provincial radio and television party inspection

7 11, 2009, the provincial Party committee of the second inspection teams to the provincial radio and television feedback special inspections. Liu Jianqing, head of the provincial Party committee to convey an important indication of the spirit of the inspection work, on behalf of the inspection team feedback of special inspections. Provincial Radio and television party secretary Jin Heqing presided over the meeting and made a statement.

Liu Jianqing pointed out that the provincial radio and television party adhere to the correct political orientation, to strengthen the propaganda, accelerate the development of radio and television industry has made some achievements, the overall evaluation of cadres and the masses is good. In the inspection, inspection team found that the cadres and the masses to reflect some problems, mainly: Bureau of fulfilling the main responsibility of the party is not in place, lack of clean government and anti-corruption work pressure conduction layers; organ business offices responsible person and grass-roots unit leaders to implement a pair of responsibility consciousness is not strong, in the Bureau of discipline inspection group "three" in place, lack of supervision and discipline of accountability; weakening the role of the party’s leadership, do not pay enough attention to the grass-roots party construction work, supervision and inspection of ineffective, some grassroots party organizations are in a slack state; implement the provisions of the eight Central and provincial 21 measures are not in place, the existence of illegal to buy souvenirs, ticket reimbursement issues. Meanwhile, the inspection team also received a number of leading cadres involved in the problem reflected in accordance with the provisions of the relevant departments have been transferred. read more

Provincial Energy Conservation Supervision Corps issued a deadline for rectification of 9 EnterpriseProvincial Energy Conservation Supervision Corps issued a deadline for rectification of 9 Enterprise

according to the Ministry of industry on the development of the country’s major industrial energy-saving special inspection notice last July to November, the Qinghai Provincial Energy Conservation Supervision Corps of 106 enterprises in the province to carry out special inspections of industrial energy. The survey found that 5 of the province’s energy consumption exceeded the national standard of energy consumption limits, the existence of the use of state enterprises in the elimination of backward state of the 4 Mechanical and electrical equipment. To this end, the Provincial Energy Conservation Supervision Corps of the 9 companies issued a deadline for rectification notice, ordered deadline for correction. read more