Month: August 2017

The two or three thing for having heard it many times blog marketingThe two or three thing for having heard it many times blog marketing

once said by writer one thousand readers, one thousand Hamlett, the reason for this situation is the appreciation of people and the cognitive level is not the same, so different styles will appeal to different groups, the knowledge you attract wide or not wide, blog can make the personal freedom of expression and publication, it has no limitations too much the more open. For the pursuit of individuality and fashion consumers to see something like this, will surely lead to some resonance, at the same time, the blogger also back a bit more attention, gradually that the industry is quietly born. read more

A simple accurate and effective chain query methodA simple accurate and effective chain query method

is effective?The !This paper consists of:

Site query included, I believe that people are very familiar with it, everyone in the eyes of Site are included in the site of the query. Then I tell you another usage of Site today: site:domain贵族宝贝+ keywords or site:domain贵族宝贝+ keywords to query the user name + Chain included, which is a valid chain.

in all the hair of the chain, especially BBS signature, which the chain is included, we can not in our records to find out a love in Shanghai in the query is to be included in it, of course, this method is feasible, and inquires the chain is the minority in the so, what is a simple and accurate query? Please continue to look down. read more

Chen Ge tragic lesson power is the entrepreneur must first winGive me the inspiration the excellentChen Ge tragic lesson power is the entrepreneur must first winGive me the inspiration the excellent

1. don’t quit your job and make sure you’re not hungry;

company in seven years time we missed numerous investment opportunities and independent development opportunities. We build a strong team because we have no stock, no ammunition, no power, and then there is no way to make decisions when we are in real danger.

on the website profit method, the Internet has been a lot of people talk about, as follows:

above is basically in common, in excellent, of course some out of the ordinary, my personal suggestions to make money the mode of the website, the grassroots webmaster. read more

How to design the site map is more conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragonHow to design the site map is more conducive to the optimization of Shanghai dragon

2, the main product page.

three, as far as possible in the site map add text

visitors will generally expect the bottom of each page has a link to the site map, you can make full use of this habit. If the site has a search bar, near in the search box can add a pointer to the site map link, or even can be placed in a fixed location site map search results link.

, a site map to include the most important page

6, in all the key page conversion on the Road King, visitors will depart from the landing page, and then along these pages forward reality. read more

Selected foreign UnionWhy are entrepreneurs increasingly shamelessSelected foreign UnionWhy are entrepreneurs increasingly shameless


Great Britain’s CPM is a bit of IP only supports IP

if you see a vague sense of familiarity, but you can’t remember why, then take a look at this picture below:

if the car O2O can realize to the district where those not in their car owners do card here one by one plug "as not to open an account, within three days of planning the car" cards, they will not fall in the winter capital

in recent days, aunt beauty grapefruit two friends each tear force, make friends like the ancient Colosseum, man and beast rolled in mud, the audience can’t tell who prevail, is only a loss but also with no loss of enthusiasm by cheers. read more

Analysis of love Shanghai snapshot update and file for the website ranking effectAnalysis of love Shanghai snapshot update and file for the website ranking effect

love Shanghai introduced that this makes me very surprised, in fact, the snapshot problem in my opinion is not what big problem, I have a rubber zhishuidai website snapshot is not very good, but the ranking has been good, so, in my consciousness, almost ignored the snapshot. But the love of Shanghai "on the snapshot problem some explains", let me suddenly woke up, love Shanghai just because of the snapshot problem, the introduction of a separate, visible snapshot problem don’t really love Shanghai love Shanghai said, useless. read more

Hefei Shanghai Longfeng analysis of influence factors and solutions of the web site keywords rankingHefei Shanghai Longfeng analysis of influence factors and solutions of the web site keywords ranking

I am learning Shanghai dragon has been almost a year from the beginning of this year, every day on the A5, behind, Shanghai Longfeng WHY Shanghai Longfeng learn some knowledge, some are summarized in the study at the same time. Today Hefei Shanghai dragon according to the study summed up some knowledge and experience of the web site keywords ranking factors.

distribution location and density is the first factor of website ranking. The solution is to determine 2-3 main keywords in the preliminary planning establishment, and then reasonable respectively in the first page of keywords, density control in 3%-6%. Here I suggest that when the distribution of keywords, you can use the HTML tags reasonable. For example, the H1/H2/H3 label, but must ensure that sentence. I like the H1 tag: station free technology to provide professional Hefei website construction and website optimization services in Hefei. The H2 label is: Anhui website, Hefei Shanghai dragon will find well-known Hefei network company free technology. Not only consider the user experience, to avoid the keyword stuffing. Keyword stuffing the consequence is very serious. read more

Discussion the value chain how to constructionDiscussion the value chain how to construction

actually do the chain should first consider the question is, what kind of chain is the value chain here? For example, the chain is actually equivalent to a bridge the gap between website and website, love Shanghai spiders along the bridge from another site to climb to our website at the same time, it will climb over the weight of other sites point to the US, the weight of the site weight on the other side of the bridge to the higher we may be more. Of course, every bridge is different, the anchor text is superior to the bridge bridge links, links do better than pure text bridge bridge. read more

4 skills of love Shanghai anti chain to increase4 skills of love Shanghai anti chain to increase

text links also belong to a chain, every day in the forum post irrigation are sure that if there is no effect, people will not go to waste time, except for some is the promotion of the quality really soft contribute is very good, belongs to the natural growth of the link is a good link, which is the Zac master the link bait, or how much Shanghai dragon Er A5 submission, including I also included, no effect is not equal to the vain Xiamang, do not know how many webmaster remember before a long Jun webmaster optimized Hunan Shanghai dragon blog, every day is through this platform A5 submission, the increase of the reaction the chain, may not be a month of new ranking in the home is stable for a long time, carefully observe the friend must clear his love, every day in Shanghai region to rise recently What is the reason, the website ranking is not here. See below: read more

10 minutes to learn to love Shanghai bidding data specific ideas and process analysis10 minutes to learn to love Shanghai bidding data specific ideas and process analysis

such as the highest consumption of the keywords, then we need to know the word correspondence consumption effect: the average rank, cost, dialogue matching, triggering all search words, our dialogue is from what search words over, through the search terms report that these basic search words show more is that several. Find out can produce effect of search words, then find no effect of the search term, through this simple analysis, after a period of statistical analysis, the statistical accuracy of long cycle high, then we can conclude that the word can control the consumer, will certainly not accurate flow shielding, in shielding after saving money read more

Do you know how the users in web browsing habitsDo you know how the users in web browsing habits

The second is the First we

in fact, many people do not know what is the attitude and habits of users when browsing your website, most of Shanghai dragon Er is to guess the user’s behavior, but only really know how the user behavior is only search engine, with the continuous development of network technology, users now have more and more is you can monitor, so I only say why Shanghai dragon city search engine to know the behavior of users is how the search engine in the judgment of a website is the practical introduction of lots of practical criteria for website user behavior, which I think many people know what is now! The user experience is very important, but as a webmaster or novice sometimes is difficult to grasp the user’s behavior, then a head Fog in the blind, then we look at the users what problems encountered, and an antidote against the disease is the best way to solve the problem. read more

COPE this is what Shanghai dragon skillsCOPE this is what Shanghai dragon skills


Shanghai Longfeng blog to see a happy new year to new technology, said Create Once Publish Everhwhere, means to write an article and then copied everywhere. But this is just not love Baidu and nobility baby website Shanghai dragon manipulation? Why is the professional Shanghai Longfeng blog would share

but this automatic way in a few years ago may be useful, because the social network platform of information is not too much, but now has less effect, but if your content does not have the strong demand, even if posted to more platforms is of no use. Social signals will affect Shanghai dragon, but if you use automatic way to publish information, can achieve the social effect and the Shanghai dragon? The answer is very little. read more

Don’t spread malicious click of others to do a conscientious webmasterDon’t spread malicious click of others to do a conscientious webmaster

Shanghai dragon friends know that June 22nd and June 28th this year, the love of Shanghai carried out a large area of renewal, according to official data show love Shanghai, love Shanghai in the two days of K accounted for 2.2% of all sites off site, Shanghai dragon ER called the love of Shanghai earthquake. It can be seen that the love of Shanghai renewal movement of large, harsh punishment. In June 22nd June to the end of this week, the Shanghai dragon forum There were many discussions. Shanghai is complaining about love, too many to count, say what love Shanghai aunt came again, love Shanghai and convulsions, and even rumors to love Shanghai against those who don’t have sex in Shanghai bidding only Shanghai Longfeng optimized site, see these remarks could not help but feel in our website is with hair standing on end, why not think your site is not where the problem K? And always complain about others? Do you think carefully, your ranking down, there are other sites will replace your ranking, why don’t you go and see their website. Consider why the website can surpass you? But many webmaster is not calm, always feel the love of Shanghai is unfair to him, after half a month of waiting for their website does not recover, it The recent events: webmaster malicious click website right down the others who love Shanghai auction, the Revenge of love Shanghai K station dissatisfaction, specifically see below: read more

360 whether by the search in the search industry rise360 whether by the search in the search industry rise


is intended to subvert the mobile search

in addition, the search industry is flooded with false medical, malicious bundled spam, viral download, or even a notorious repute "PPC", serious damage to the user experience. Protect the vital interests of users, is an important factor to enhance the user viscosity.

visible, search large coffee are only closely linked to the needs of users, to provide personalized, efficient and safe information, in order to remain the industry. 360 good search brand will continue to search for a good doctor, fraudulent promotion of full compensation plan, search online shopping first pay plan and a series of products and services, to consolidate the "green assured" brand impression, while offering a variety of fresh gameplay needs of users in mobile environment. Mobile search is the trend of the future, a good search brand is born for the move, 360 company president Qi Xiangdong said, now the user through the search engine to obtain gradually into a wide range of services available from a single information, hope "spread good search" personalized service and purification function can curb bad search, make good search the search becomes the mainstream of the market, so as to promote the whole industry into a positive good > Search read more

A few details do Shanghai dragon and the mobile terminal has to know the Shanghai dragon pageA few details do Shanghai dragon and the mobile terminal has to know the Shanghai dragon page

Some small details of the

size: 1024×768 2048×1536

from the Internet

Shanghai dragon is the foundation of network marketing, a search box where they cannot do without Shanghai Longfeng, are ranked. Especially with the rapid development of the Internet, Shanghai dragon is to occupy the leading position of the extension service, it is the users who are most interested in the search, but also the most potential commercial value of the service means.

3, a lot of mobile phone, as iPhone does not support Flash, some of the more complex JS effect may also lead to display, so you want to be a search engine reads the content and links and try not to put in JS or Flash, in many cases, even if the mobile phone users can display, search engine may not be able to analytical. read more

Forwards practice site set up 301 permanent redirectForwards practice site set up 301 permanent redirect

      I think the webmaster friends of 301 familiar, almost every website friends, usually do a simple 301 permanent redirection, will not take "www" 301 redirect to the "www" domain name on the home page. 301 jump benefits needless to say, is a search engine that friendly way to jump. This talk is 301 if the jump is wrong, the same trouble is not small, first look at the picture below.

              Options +FollowSymLinks
read more

Love and webmaster tools query love Shanghai weight which is more accurateLove and webmaster tools query love Shanghai weight which is more accurate

Chengdu Shanghai dragon, Shanghai love weight is mainly aimed at the site in a search engine’s overall weight of love Shanghai. The level of weight and is closely related to the love of Shanghai. From the love of Shanghai website crawling frequency, website content included the speed of page snapshot update frequency. This is the website itself with the flow is not divided, in other words, the popularity of the website is enough. A weight high site, so he must have a lot of popularity, and to enhance the flow of this brings popularity is one of our ultimate goal. read more

4 solutions to love Shanghai snapshot not update4 solutions to love Shanghai snapshot not update

1, the link is updated every day: must be original, and to update every day, if it is a corporate Web site, link to home page every day difference, say you increase the page title is causing yesterday and difference, and a method of general enterprise website first page must have pictures, pictures may the troops are written in the title, you can use a little skill to make these pictures every page will display different calls, so every time the difference when the spider crawling!

3, Links increased inspection: check your chain object in this period of time, to see if they have the question, there are problems in time or take away with others, and the best day or 2, 3 days increase in a high quality link, to avoid a sudden increase in number, to the snapshot recovery before reduction to do! read more

From the Tencent micro blog play association to the Shanghai DragonFrom the Tencent micro blog play association to the Shanghai Dragon

first day to listen to more than 300, to listen to more than 220. Sleep, listening to fall to 50, the audience fell to 80. Reflection, is not at the same time do too hard, let the pony brother thought I was using a machine operation? Well, second days is the period of time, to listen to each other, mutual listen to others is not a one-off to listen, every 10 seconds to go to a. Because it is no attempt to listen too much, probably to more than 200, my audience also rose to 260. Tencent’s reaction to sleep. Very bad, or fell, listening to the number fell into the 2 digit. The audience also dropped to 140. and then want to be with me, the content also has a relationship, the mutual listen to lots of information, mutual powder, lead powder out? So I do not send such content, and some topics related to content and others try to listen to each other. Third days to about 200, are added is to listen to my audience. According to the broadcast, micro-blog ranks, the number of fans, the head of the set to judge whether it is active and is mutual powder stage friend. Slept, found that the audience did not fall, but I listen to the number is lost. Fourth days is not how to move, just add dozens of powder. On the fifth day of my fans a lot off. It is no escape from the Tencent. read more