Month: February 2017

Ma Yun investors may not be entrepreneurs


text / MA

these days a lot of friends sent me a lot of Ali that year’s history and rumors. Make a lot of content, let me find a lot of journalists now can be diverted to write the screenplay.

In particular,

found that many young people said Ali Ma, Ma Huateng, a Tencent today is because someone to help investors. It seems many people today are not successful because there is no help.

winners are always looking for ways to be difficult, and losers are always making excuses.

really should not forget those of us who go to today, there are indeed many people support us, including our investors, but we will certainly not investors. read more

The United States blasted vip com copying and selling industry does not make money not adulterated


wave is not flat, wave again.

only under the flag of suspected of smuggling and selling has not yet subsided, April 17th, senior vice president Liu Huipu micro-blog "cannon", the United States suspected of selling fake copy overseas purchase page, including product introduction, copy details, model head and brand licensing documents, and showed the United States and South Korea signed the exclusive license contract. Feng Feng, vice president of, said in response to the problem of the page, the page is not designed to provide supplier audit is not strictly caused, but the product is genuine. read more

The ring true chaos all open platform 3


September 12th, Suning open platform and Platform Strategy Briefing conference held in Beijing water cube, thousands of businesses, the media, industry experts and investors involved in the release of an open platform suning. The meeting announced in addition to Suning open platform named "Suning Yun", Suning executives participating is to explain what is meant by "open platform 3, the platform architecture, resource sharing, organization management and investment policy, all seem very attractive, as it is to open a farewell on platform 2 times the. People will ask, do electric business really want to become the world open platform change dynasties, 3? The upgrade is certainly gratifying, but not everyone will be happy to see, at least, is defined as "old version" of the Jingdong and Tmall will gladly send a "Suning industry revolution" banner, Ma Yun Liu Qiangdong no thanks to Zhang Jindong as a mentor. Suning will inevitably lead to a strong reaction from the parties, the circle chiefs will hold what attitude? read more

Rebate network to complete the C round of financing in the future may force the direction of the sea


[Abstract] the rebate network user scale has nearly 70 million, of which the mobile terminal revenue accounted for more than 70%.

CEO Ge Yongchang

rebate networkTencent

technology news (Sun Hongchao) April 20th news, the rebate network announced today in Beijing, has completed C round of financing, by the international electricity supplier giant Japan Lotte lead investor, the amount of financing of nearly $100 million. Earlier today, Lotte Group headquarters in Tokyo announced $1 billion investment valuation rebate network. As part of the deal, Lotte Group Kevin Johnson will also join the board of directors of the rebate. read more

2009 e commerce biggest dark horse


store network is an aggregation of physical stores, in order to provide the city’s e-commerce platform. Shop online shop, its e-commerce model, is between B2C and C2C S2C (Shop to customer in city), which is a small and medium shops between the individual transaction model.

store network as a platform for the polymerization of S2C, not only for the entity shop provides access to e-commerce channels, but also its inherent advantages of the physical presented.

e-commerce pattern:

e-commerce companies currently have B2B, B2C, C2C, etc.. The closest to the store network is B2C, followed by c2c. read more

Fake tracking high imitation deformity children where is the way out

0 Comments Beijing in October 12,

has always been a fake, "rat scampering in the street people cry". Supervision departments at all levels of the organization of a round anti-counterfeiting campaign in recent years, a large number of selling fakes the criminals were punished.

Xinhua News Agency reporter survey found that

, the production and sale of counterfeit goods in gangs and regulators "hide and seek", counterfeiting more difficult.

at the same time, selling fakes into a few places in the GDP malformation". Some counterfeiters have a first-class manufacturing capability and complete sales network, but failed to create their own brands, can only rely on fake poison finally bogged down in a nice hobble. read more

Shenzhen cross border electricity supplier mierkat broadcast cross border information broadcast eve


to fake, Amazon really need to accept $1500 margin


, according to U.S. media reports CNBC, because the problem is too serious fakes, Amazon has increased the management of the seller. According to the media information, Adidas and Nike, asics shoe seller has been told to pay $1500; in addition, according to HASBRO, Lego, Pokemon, product or brand, Amazon charges from 1000 to 1500 dollars. However, so far, Amazon has not publicly involved in the product or brand list.

Xiaobian said: no matter whether the news is true, Amazon audit platform for the seller is indeed more and more stringent, presumably a lot of sellers in the Amazon shop has deep feelings. Early account application is too easy, a large number of businesses into the Amazon, resulting in some sellers do not comply with the Amazon rules, deviated from the original intention of the amazon. So, for Amazon, the optimization of the seller, it is imperative! read more

Outbound travel cross border electricity supplier prosperity take you to tour Europe diamond Holy


Bao Na (BAUNAT) is a European diamond jewelry brand from belgium. At present, the business has expanded to the domestic market, is relying on outbound travel and cross-border electricity supplier fiery, gradually recognized by domestic consumers.

"hold your hand, and grow old light as water has already evolved into today’s happiness," the world is so big, I want to go to see you and surprise and happy. In 2017, travel, see the world, travel, buy a diamond ring wedding, travel, milk powder, purchasing a luxury store…… People’s lives become more diverse, the location of tourism from the domestic to foreign countries, the content of tourism from the simple view of the landscape into a new way of life, a rich way to live a happy life. read more

E commerce sites in China reached 15 thousand and 600


with the popularity of the Internet, China’s e-commerce market gradually into the blowout period.

from the third party agency CNZZ data show that Chinese electronic commerce rapid growth in 2009, total transactions in 2008 more than 2 times, the electronic commerce sites reached 1.56 million visitors, an increase of 61.29%, of which B2C sites continue to rise, visitors reached 246 million people.

according to the Ministry of commerce data, the first three quarters of 2009, China’s online shopping sales amounted to $168 billion 900 million, an increase of more than 90% in the year 2009 reached more than $260 billion. read more

Ali fake to stick all the bright new product of two dimensional code


in the future, whether you buy a bottle of mineral water in the canteen, or Taobao wash a bottle of cream, can directly scan code to identify the authenticity. Yesterday, the Alibaba on the fake and bright new tactics, pushing the "stars plan". This plan is that Ali will be sharing the most advanced technology of the two-dimensional code and the major manufacturers, to ensure that each product to obtain the two-dimensional code ID is the one and only in the production process, from the source of production cut bad business fraud and selling behavior. Chinese commercial news reporters learned that, at that time, consumers can scan the phone through the code to verify the authenticity and origin of goods can be traced back to Taobao. read more

CN domain name to ensure the authenticity of domain name registration information


to connect to the domain name of the notice, the notice is as follows:

in accordance with the order of the Ministry of information industry of People’s Republic of China No. thirtieth "Chinese Internet domain name management approach" and the relevant departments of the state’s "domain name registration information shall be true, accurate and complete" requirement, in order to better protect the rights and interests of the holder of the domain name, since the authenticity accuracy and completeness of the various partners need to take the initiative to check the domain name registration information from now, the specific requirements are as follows: read more

To find new crown sellers online shop manager who


contact e-commerce site is a chance, but this time I contributed to the dream of a dream.

graduated from the university has been working on sorrow, but did not run around here and there one of their own interest, then later, global playing games online, I think we all know, if you want to put the game in the role of training is stronger and more NB, it must spend money to buy the game point card, even for food and clothing can’t solve me, is undoubtedly one disaster after another.

once saw a suit, a message cheap card, attracted my attention. After repeated bargain with each other, he finally in my price to sell me, the other requirements of the use of Alipay deal, I don’t understand what is Alipay, also do not want to be said to be an idiot, so Baidu gave access to the relevant Alipay articles, and know that there is a free electronic shop business platform, Taobao, and Taobao to quickly understand the uses and where I can play, after all, is the zero cost shop, who do not want to try. So when I was 06 years Taobao just fire registered account, opened a shop, began selling women’s cosmetics, the family of cosmetics, but because I have never seen your agent for goods, quality is not completely assured, operate for a period of time found that customers will be looking for me to return to and fro. A lot of trouble, then slowly turn into selling virtual goods, do virtual goods also consider several factors: read more

Tmall do not look at these five big Platform 2015 merchants


as the Lantern Festival ends, the new year begins. Major integrated electronic business platform have developed their own development plan, which is the most important investment direction. The day before, Tmall began targeted investment news at Mottaki, caused the attention of many. So what are the other major electricity supplier platform investment strategy in 2015?

because each business platform strategy and stage of development is different, so the investment strategies are not the same, it summarizes the billion state power network. read more

Cool 6 founder Li Shanyou Sun Wukong is a mature entrepreneur


The young

see "journey to the west", especially love to see the monkey king Sun Wukong in the period, he felt good prestige, on the world sea, who are equal to anything, he can not do nothing, is really worthy of the name of the "Monkey King"! Especially not love west Sun Wu in the period of time, a really stupid! A mouse sperm, can make him helpless; a fine cow, could have killed him. Encounter difficulties, not to go to Avalokiteshvara, is to ask the emperor, good useless, good not ambition! After the start, suddenly have a new understanding of "journey to the west": from Sun Wukong before, just a single molecule from destruction; after that, he has a mission, is the actual entrepreneurial team responsible person. An independent occupation person, he is only responsible for their own related business, business ability is the most important of his ability, in this context, he has full opportunity to display and display space, it is easy to become an individual hero. An entrepreneur, invisible among his responsibilities and need to be responsible for the categories of more than a hundredfold, this time, comprehensive ability required far beyond his own professional ability, it has been not suitable for personal heroism in his new role. What he needs now is, how to make full use of internal and external resources and contacts, to help themselves solve their problems and difficulties can not solve. read more

Jingdong funded Beijing nstitute of Technology to create the only Chinese Football League Student C


April 9, 2010, Chinese largest B2C e-commerce company Jingdong online mall in Beijing held a "Jingdong in a pioneering Chinese students in the student football future road – online shopping mall in a Jingdong funded North Polytechnic football team" press conference, officially announced the power of Beijing Institute of Technology (hereinafter referred to as the Northern Polytechnic), together to create a league only. By college students football team.

online shopping market Jingdong vice president Xu Lei, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Beijing Institute of Technology, Vice Chancellor professor Li Hezhang, head coach of the team of Professor Jin Zhiyang, vice chairman of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, Beijing University Sports Association Chairman Mr. Du Songpeng, director of the Beijing City Football Management Center of Beijing City Football Association Vice Chairman Mr. Yang Junsheng, the team all the players and media reporters attended this event. read more

Double eleven behind the brush single industry chain send an empty package to hide the so called bru


online double eleven shopping spree has just ended, a few articles on the shop during the double through the artificial brush single false high sales volume began to spread on the network. With the development of online shopping, in order to meet the shop owner to improve sales and praise to snatch the needs of tourists, a large number of network brush organization came into being. Beijing Youth Daily reporter survey found that these single brush organization scale, each organization has thousands to tens of thousands of "brush hand", they are trained through a series of complex process "brush" that can be deceptive sales and praise, in order to gain a commission. read more

Analysis of future opportunities for China’s nternet


Analysis of future opportunities for China’s Internet

China the Internet really developed specifically should be from the end of 2002, we should remember that some should be called a historic moment, although in the past, but far-reaching.

read more

Jingdong Ali war double eleven different play who can win the pockets of the middle class


Abstract: the future electricity supplier will be an important part of the retail market and the existence of a single electronic business platform will soon launch the stage of history.

double eleven war before the smoke in this week has become increasingly strong, the country’s two largest electricity supplier platform Jingdong and Ali announced this week, the dual plan for the year eleven.

, the Jingdong held a press conference in October 18th to promote rational shopping, in contrast to Ali has always advocated "chop hand" thinking; Ali in October 20th announced in Hongkong, the theme this year is still eleven of Ali "internationalization", said not only by the usual "buy the world" upgraded to "global business", accelerate the global the circulation of commodities in the rookie network and ant payment service support. read more

Without the fear of explosion power double 11 SF Meizu fast delivery orders


ended with double 11 carnival, turnover of 91 billion 200 million yuan to the "chop hand" to promote the draw to a successful conclusion, and then enter the consumer perspective, is the local logistics or warehouse explosion, or delayed delivery so that buyers worry the news. The Meizu Tmall flagship store as the first turnover of 11 double million businesses, the total turnover of the electricity supplier actually broke through the $1 billion 100 million, online sales to break the 1 million units, compared with last year, an increase of 11 double the number of 500%. In order to allow the buyer to get your favorite mobile phone as soon as possible, resorted to a number of measures to speed together SF express delivery, to make things worse, some buyers in a few hours after the order is received in the mail. read more

Ali road and long experts say fake embarrassment from the source


in the past month, the mood is like a roller coaster Alibaba.

back a month ago, when the international anti fake Alliance (IACC), as a member of Ali, feeling excited to do countless shows between the lines, put up a pageantry of publicity. However, the ups and downs of life always makes people look back at the There’s no telling, news headlines, and then look at the now suspended the membership of the outcome. Ali, the counterfeiting of the road, how embarrassing two words can describe

? read more